Frayed is a noise music and cross-platform art project based in London. All past and future Frayed works will be posted here.


The FRAYED manifesto

A FRAYED Expression is not about TRUTH. The FRAYED Expression does not seek TRUTH, nor does it express it.
FRAYED Expressions confront reality. The reality of “being”. Any reality of “being”. All realities of “being”.
A FRAYED Expression, therefore, is an ASSAULT on the individual. Specifically, it’s an ASSAULT on personality and self-awareness. It’s perceptive. The FRAYED Expression seeks the abnegation of “being”, the dissolution of “being”, whether it’s that of the “expresser” (i.e. the individual, or individuals, doing the expressing) or that of the “receiver” (the individual, or individuals, receiving the expression, and whom of course can be, or become, “expresser(s)). Or both.
Excessive sonic volume. High-pitched, or abrasive sounds. Extreme physical or psychological effort. The omnipresence of impersonal elements, such as blank screens, veils, inanimate objects or masks. Confrontation. The reconfiguration of artistic relationships. These are elements that can be used in a FRAYED expression, in order to subvert CONTROL, to challenge PERSONALITY and to dissolve IDENTITTY. This is the aim of the FRAYED Expression.
A FRAYED Expression aims at a new PERCEPTION, one that goes beyond the INDIVIDUAL, and into the COLLECTIVE, or even the INFINITE.
All albums can be downloaded for free here:

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